DePlutus Protocol Partners with OpenSea and Top Crypto Artist to Mint Limited NFT for $PLUT Holders and Give out for Free

(New York, August 20th, 2021) — DePlutus, the next-generation DeFi asset management protocol, has partnered with OpenSea and top-tier crypto artist MR GRASSS to create 1,000 high-value limited editions NFTs for PLUT token holders.

MR GRASSS is a sought-after artist on OpenSea, with floor prices usually exceeding 1 ETH for his NFT works. He is also the chief art designer for a number of high-end projects around the world for Marriott Hotels, a top international brand.

Andrew Shi, head of DePlutus Protocol, said, “We are excited to work with OpenSea and MR GRASSS to bring $PLUT holders the hottest collectible NFTs of the moment. MR GRASSS’ creative and adorable NFTs created with the DePlutus on-chain fund theme are sure to be loved and sought after by the NFT enthusiasts and DePlutus communities.”

These 1,000 NFTs will be publicly offered through OpenSea, and will be purchased by DePlutus Protocol and then distributed among $PLUT holders for free.

The DePlutus-theme NFT badge holders will become DePlutus “Genesis Ambassadors” and enjoy privileges, including priority subscription to popular funds on DePlutus Protocol, and priority recommendation and fundraising support for fund manager NFT badge holders.

Start from August 20th at 12:00 AM (UTC), $PLUT holders could apply these limited NFT badges for free on the “NFT Badge Campaign” webpage on DePlutus.Finance.

NFT Badge Campaign



These on-chain fund-themed NFTs are divided into 3 categories, each category corresponds to a different stake amount and time duration, which users can choose at their own discretion. The top category is created with the fund manager as a character model, the other two are created with crypto miner and elite investor as character models.

Already deployed on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Heco, and Avalanche, the DePlutus Protocol is an innovative DeFi social trading asset management tool for both professional and retail investors to initiate, manage, operate and invest in the on-chain crypto funds. DePlutus is the first asset management protocol to enable the fund-specific token function. The investor will receive the fund-specific tokens (DF Token) after investing in the funds on the platform.

DF Token represents the investor’s share of ownership in the fund and is priced in proportion to the fund’s current value. DF Token can be transferred, traded, and staked for liquidity mining in mainstream DeFi applications such as Aave, bringing greater liquidity and capital efficiency to investors.

About DePlutus Protocol

DePlutus, founded in 2020, is a decentralized social trading asset management protocol, enabling asset managers and crypto investors to enjoy the latest DeFi innovations and generate premium profits for blockchain users around the world. By offering a wide range of investment options as well as battle-tested trading tools, it empowers investors to easily manage crypto portfolios and maximize profits in a challenging DeFi marketplace.

About OpenSea

OpenSea is the first and largest peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto goods, which include collectibles, gaming items, and other virtual goods backed by a blockchain. On OpenSea, anyone can buy or sell these items through a smart contract. The OpenSea team has backgrounds from Stanford, Palantir, and Google, and is funded by YCombinator, Founders Fund, Coinbase Ventures, 1Confirmation, and Blockchain Capital.


MR GRASSS, is a leading interior art designer responsible for a number of Marriott Hotels worldwide, and the founder of AHHHH STUDIO.

His works of crypto art and objects are situated between the contexts of art and design, frequently departing from the functional, and moving towards the exclusively sculptural, to explore themes of blockchain, technology, mathematics, science and nature, nostalgia, and social equity. These crypto-collectibles position the viewers in an interesting environment that evokes cycles of renewal and rebirth found in nature and blockchain networks.

A Leading Decentralized Social Trading Asset Management Protocol

A Leading Decentralized Social Trading Asset Management Protocol