DePlutus Protocol Partners with Licensed Asset Management Company for Crypto Investment Service in Compliance with Regulatory Policy

(New York, August 22th, 2021) DePlutus, the next-generation DeFi asset management protocol, announces a strategic partnership with Huashe Asset Management Hong Kong Company, to provide legitimate and reliable crypto asset management service for customers and crypto investors of both parties.

Andrew Shi, project head of DePlutus Protocol, said, “this is our latest endeavor to address the concerns of DePlutus Protocol’s participants. The partnership with Huashe will allow us to provide financial service in compliance with local regulatory policy, helping us to be well-positioned in the fast-growing enterprise market.”

Huashe Asset Management Hong Kong Company, an esteemed member in local financial service industry, is licensed to carry on security dealing, advising and asset management activities in Hong Kong since 2019. Under the partnership, Huashe will provide advisory and investment services to DePlutus Protocol as well as its participants.

Both the crypto investors and centralized asset management institutions come to recognize that decentralized crypto assets must be managed in a decentralized way to meet the increasing security challenges. The partnership will bring benefits to both individual and corporate crypto investors by providing legitimate financial services during their investment process.

Already deployed on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and Avalanche,, the DePlutus Protocol is an innovative DeFi asset management tool for both professional and retail investors to initiate, manage, operate and invest in the on-chain crypto funds. DePlutus is the first asset management protocol to enable the fund specific token function. The investor will receive the fund-specific tokens (DF Token) after investing in the funds on the platform.

DF Token represents the investor’s share of ownership in the fund and is priced in proportion to the fund’s current value. DF Token can be transferred, traded, and staked for liquidity mining in mainstream DeFi applications such as Aave, bringing greater liquidity and capital efficiency to investors.

About DePlutus Protocol

DePlutus, founded in 2020, is a decentralized social trading asset management protocol, enabling asset managers and crypto investors to enjoy the latest DeFi innovations and generate premium profits for blockchain users around the world. By offering a wide range of investment options as well as battle-tested trading tools, it empowers investors to easily manage crypto portfolios and maximize profits in a challenging DeFi marketplace.

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