DePlutus Protocol
2 min readMar 27, 2021


About Us

DePlutus, next-generation DeFi asset management protocol for both professional and retail investors to initiate, manage and invest in the on-chain crypto funds.

Core Team

The key members of DePlutus consist of elite researchers, scientists, and business executives with diverse backgrounds and financial resumes, including Wall Street, the tech industry, and research institutes in North America. Our collective expertise ranges across the fields of economics, cryptography, and game theory.

Andrew Shi, Founder & Project Lead

Founder of ECO Forum, an early investor in Bitcoin, and a promotor of cryptocurrency. He translated “Banking 3.0,” the Chinese Edition, and served as Secretary of Wall Street Blockchain, an N.G.O. focused on promoting blockchain technology. Mr. Shi graduated from the School of Finance and Management in London.

Bo Hong, Founder & Tech Lead

Former principal software engineering manager at Microsoft HQ (United States) and project owner of the SDET program. Mr. Hong has many years of research experience in distributed databases and is a senior researcher in Bitcoin and distributed technologies.

David Zhang, Business Lead

CFA, with many years of experience in global asset management and the blockchain industry. David is the translator of “SnowBall,” the Chinese Edition.

Decater Collins, Marketing Lead

An expert in digital marketing, and dedicated to promoting blockchain and the decentralization concept. He is the founder of The Hood Collective, a content creation and marketing company focused on online promotion.

Key Partners

DePlutus is backed by a group of strategic partners, including well-known venture capitalists, as well as a wide range of powerful players in the blockchain ecosystem, like wallet providers, CEXs, DEXs, and mining pool operators.



DePlutus Protocol

A Leading Decentralized Social Trading Asset Management Protocol