About DePlutus Protocol

DePlutus, founded in 2020, is a decentralized social trading asset management protocol, enabling asset managers and crypto investors to enjoy the latest DeFi innovations and generate premium profits for blockchain users around the world. By offering a wide range of investment options as well as battle-tested trading tools, it empowers investors to easily manage crypto portfolios and maximize profits in a challenging DeFi marketplace.

DePlutus (PLUT) is a next-generation DeFi asset management protocol, empowering non-custodial and decentralized crypto asset management services. The protocol, featuring on-chain, permissionless and openness, helps investors to achieve premium investment returns via social trading.

Professional investors and fund managers can initiate decentralized on-chain funds by creating asset pools, and trade on DEXs with the DePlutus Protocol and smart contracts. Ordinary investors can achieve positive returns by depositing crypto assets into a variety of funds, and gain additional liquidity by staking the ownership of the fund for liquidity mining while claiming platform PLUT tokens as rewards.

Investor assets are secured via Smart Contracts with total transparency for every on-chain transaction. Fund managers can only trade whitelisted crypto assets and do not have permission to withdraw assets before redemption.

DePlutus is the first DeFi asset management protocol to enable the fund specific token function. The investor will receive the fund-specific tokens (DF Token) after investing in the funds on the platform. DF Token represents the investor’s share of ownership in the fund and is priced in proportion to the fund’s current value.

DF Token can be transferred and traded, as well as staked for liquidity mining in mainstream DeFi applications such as Aave, bringing greater liquidity and capital efficiency to investors.

The DePlutus protocol has passed the security audit of SlowMist and is live on Ethereum and BSC.

A Leading Decentralized Social Trading Asset Management Protocol

A Leading Decentralized Social Trading Asset Management Protocol